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Be the strong arm
of technology.

Your mad math and science skills are needed to program and manage the automated computer systems that power industries today.

Flex your circuits.

The robotics skills you bring to the table will serve as the brains behind many of our state’s automotive manufac­turing, electronics, semiconductors, metals, plastics and other industries. There’s even opportunities to apply robotic technology in the medical field. As the technology expands and evolves, the demand for skilled, qualified robotics professionals will also increase. Good news for you. And, this is especially true in Texas, which is the No. 2 employer of electro-mechanical technicians in the nation.

You’ll never look at soft drink bottles, cell phones, cars and sophisticated computer chips the same way again. You’ll look right through them, visioning the high-speed, high-precision automated computer systems that brought them to life after learning about these processes at TSTC. You’ll learn about automat­ed manufacturing processes, the role of robots and all sup­port equipment through specialized instruction in motion programming, vision systems, convey­or systems, computer networking, automated sorting systems, PLC pro­gramming, sensor systems and computer integration.


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