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You don't have to be a superhero
to save the planet

There is no PLANet B.

Policing for a cause

If you are passionate about saving the planet, TSTC's Environmental Technology Compliance Specialization program might be the career path for you. Environmental compliance managers, technicians and specialists play a vital role in the monitoring of workplace environmental programs, such as, air quality, water quality, recycling programs and waste management plans. Students in this program will learn to ensure industry complies with all federal, state and local environmental regulations while minimizing the impact to economic progress.

TSTC offers the Associate in Applied Science degree in Environmental Compliance Specialization. In this program you will learn skills that will help companies comply with Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation and Texas Commission of Environmental Quality regulations. You will learn proper disposal of hazardous wastes, recycling techniques, storm water pollution prevention, hazardous material incident response, as well as, the operation of landfills, wetlands, water and wastewater treatment plants.


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