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International Students Attending Texas State Technical College

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International Student Admission 

Thank you for your interest in applying to Texas State Technical College (TSTC). We welcome the opportunity to share our culture and learn more about other cultures while you are pursuing your education at our institution. The presence of international scholars on our campus contributes to a better understanding of our global community and enables us to export state-of-the-art technical education to an international audience. Note: All courses at Texas State Technical College are taught in the English language.

Ready to get started?

As an international student, you will need to complete additional requirements and provide certain documentation. The following is needed in order to successfully process your application as an international student. All documents must be submitted as English language or translated into the English language.

  1. Complete an application or admission online.
  2. Depending on the category under which the applicant qualifies for admission, submit the following additional documents:
    • Official secondary and/or postsecondary transcripts (must be an official English translation)
    • Proof of English language proficiency and communication skills. Official TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a minimum score of 550 or higher on the paper-based test, 213 or higher on the computerized test. An applicant whose country’s educational system is based on the English language (Great Britain, Canada, Australia, many African countries, etc.) is exempt from this requirement.  
    • An affidavit of financial support to indicate the ability to pay fees and reside in the United States while attending school. Note: Valid financial support documents (less than one year old from date of enrollment) must indicate the minimum U.S. dollar amount required by TSTC. Please note: The required minimum is subject to change without notice.
    • Students under age 22 must present documentation of a Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination required by Texas Senate Bill 62.
  3. All TSTC students, unless exempt or waived from the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) testing requirements, must take the TSI Assessment before enrolling at TSTC. High school transcripts with STAAR, TAKS, SAT, ACT scores and/or college transcripts can be evaluated by the Testing Office to determine if you meet TSI requirements. Please visit the Testing webpage for TSI requirements, testing exemptions and waivers.    

Please note: All documents submitted by applicants who do not register for the term indicated on the admission application will be retained for one year in Admissions. At the end of one year, all records are discarded unless the applicant has notified Admissions of continued interest in attending TSTC. All documents become the property of TSTC and are not returned to the students. 

International students are required to complete admission requirements no less than 90 days prior to the expected entry date. When the Office of the Registrar receives all the required documents, the applicant will be issued an acceptance letter and an I-20MN. The I-20MN and the acceptance letter will be presented to the consulate's office in the applicant's country for review and consideration of being issued a student visa. 

It is important for the applicant to understand that the presentation of an I-20MN to the consulate's office does not guarantee a student visa. The consulate's office has the right to deny, without explanation, the request for a student visa.

English competency for U.S. citizens is recognized by the attainment of a high school diploma or the equivalent. International student applicants must demonstrate English competency. The College has designated a minimum TOEFL score of 550 or higher on the paper based test, 213 or higher on the computerized test, or 79 or higher on the internet based test within the ranges listed below:

TOEFL Exam Component

Reading Skills, Acceptable Score Range of 15-30, Intermediate to High

Listening Skills, Acceptable Score Range of 15-30, Intermediate to High

Speaking Skills, Acceptable Score Range of 18-30, Fair to Good

Writing Skills, Acceptable Score Range of 17-30, Fair to Good

Once an applicant has been issued a student visa and arrives in the United States, the international student must adhere strictly to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services laws. Therefore, the international student must:

  • enroll and maintain full-time student status while maintaining satisfactory progress in his/her coursework,
  • notify the Primary Designated School Offiicial (PDSO) of any changes in address or contact information while in U.S.,
  • carry medical and hospitalization insurance,
  • not obtain federal financial aid; and
  • comply with all the college's regulations, laws of Texas and the United States.

Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to all programs. Admissions to some Texas State Technical College programs have specific requirements. Once you have completed your admissions requirements and have been accepted for admissions, please contact Advising and Testing about any additional enrollment requirements.

*All College and Military transcripts are evaluated by the Admissions Office for transferrable academic credit. Once the credit is entered, you can view it via your WebAdvisor account. Please contact your Faculty Program Advisor or Academic Advisor to further evaluate your transcript for any additional technical credit you feel may be transferred in for program credit. Click here for the Transfer Credit Request Form

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